Phone line (DSL) dead for the last 20 days

my phone line is dead for the last 20 days. thats why can't use DSL. complaint to 1218 and local exchange 100 times but line man says that you are on fiber optics, so it will take some time to repair it. everyday he says that it will be fixed today evening but still bot fixed it.

the cable was cut during strike, i think by the PTCL #$%^%$# employees.

Now tell me how many days it needs to repair a fibre optic cablr.


Well it should have been restored by now.

My fiber optic cable was cut on 25th of August and they restored it on 15th September (after 20 days).

What's your location?

Millat Town, Faisalabad

Call 1218 ask for the Senior or ask to tag your complaint as high priority, or dial 1217 get your exchange's number and ask them to resolve the issue.

#$%# these PTCL employees, called exchange again and security guard said that its holiday now after Jumma Prayer. friday holiday, saturday holiday, sunday holiday, mazay hein bhai. kam kia in kay baap nai ketna hai, sorry for typing in urdu

Go complain PTA then

again called 1218, CSR told me that i have forwarded your complaint to higher authorities, line will be fixed within 24 hours.

if they don't do it in 24 hours then i'll def go to complaint at PTA site.

@khuram i have a similar phoneline+dsl (ONU) ( SAMANABAD EXCHANGE LAHORE) has been dead since 11th august .... like u i also complained several times on 1218 everytime i am assigned a new complaint num..what a BS!! visited exchange and they said ONU has a different lineman we have given him details about ur number it will be fixed within 24hours...dnt knw when those 24hours are gonna complete...complaint PTA aswell but to no avail...:( no body is listening...

Thank God, my line is fixed now. my 3 calls of yesterday to 1218 worked. :)

khuram89: You were wasting your time calling 1218.Why will they bother to forward your complaints to higher authorities? Who are you?They don't care.Since 20 days you didn't bother to visit exchange.. phew.. good for you that your line is ok now.

@khuram congrats..well my phone line is also up after 2 visits of exchange...but DSL seems to be dead now...DSL light is off it seems port needs to be refreshed....using Dial-up ... :(

Complain To Pta best thing out there

ur lucky that u got it fixed after 20 days and in my case my phone line is down since 18th august (36 days) and made over 10 calls to 1218 and visited exchange so many times but everyday they have new excuse.....

Ya know this one of the reasons why I opted for Wimax. Phone DSL connections have always been plagued with such problems..

landline sector needs competition

PTCL needs some tough time