Phone final choice help requried

I'm about to finalize on which cell to buy. Initially I wanted to get myself a n97 but due to software issues, I probably will not get it unless I get it in a really cheap deal

My other favorites are

n900 and e72

All I want from a phone is


good main camera

I don't give a #$%# if 3g or not


n900 is good but cause its linux, maybe the app supports isn't great. Mainly I probably will only use the cell for texting and browsing. e72 is good cuz of the price and many people who use it love it..

Like the game angry birds, it only out n900 which is great... but not on e72.

Any other cell in mind?

plese no new phone recommendation or apple or blackberry

arround 30k i'm kinda okay...

btw..i wont mind getting 2nd

"Any other cell in mind?

plese no new phone recommendation or apple or blackberry"

This is very confusing. Do you want recommendation for another phone or not?

Anyway. Out of the two I would say you go with e72 unless you are a geek and like to play around with your cellphone since you can pretty much install anything on the N900 e.g. Meego, Moblin, and even Android! One point of advice though, traditionally Nokia E series are known to have bad cameras. I have experienced this with E51 and E63.

What I meant was the new phone recommended should be the one which are about to releases or recently released cause they are expensive AS HELL!

I'm pretty much finalizing on e72 or n900 but I will continue to search for a really dirt cheap deal on n97 :P

I'm kinda getting interested in n8! I hate being double minded!! :< !

e72,n900 or n8

But from reviews I've read, e72 is pretty decent and good phone. I like n8 but it doesn't have a keyboard... aww... confused! :(

If you can afford N8, don't think twice and just go for it. Otherwise go for E72. Personally I find the keyboard annoying on touchscreen phones. Why would you need a bulky keyboard when there's a virtual one on your screen?

don't even look at touchscreen phones because these phone only suitable for unemployed peoples or whom those not have to do anything except eat and sh!t

Best for your needs is any of Nokia E

List down your preferences, it will help you in making a decision. Avoid touch screen phones if you want proper texting and email capabilities.

Try E5

it got all you need in just 18 K

having one right now and happy with it

arr.g... why a new phone which attracts my attention..e5... now i'm more confused! :P

. I like e5 too :D. I'm not a big fan of touch phone... right now.. I like e5 and e72 ... n900 seems difficult to get... but... I still want it :)

I honestly don't know which one is better e5 or e72. E5 is newer but all of the sites I've read seems to complain about its display.... I like e72 cause I think it looks better. Both phone have the same OS

From this page

It seems the older e72 is better........ its all about the display....

Which one will you recommend from the three... n900.. e5... e72

The only reason I have n900 on the list is because it has a qwerty keyboard and t probably supports the most apps.. angry birds :)

actaully.. screw e5 ... it turns out e72 is allooot better...

i'm pretty much finalizing on e72... btw i'm more of a text guy

I'm hoping to get myself a bechie :P