Phone Contacts Manager App - PiContacts

This application will serve to easily manage contacts on your Android enabled phones. PiContacts you can Search for a contact, Edit the data or Sort them into groups.
The application also offers the possibility to search for Duplicate Contacts (by title, email and phone number) and then Delete them.
Other uses that PiContacts offers Copy / Move contacts between the SIM card, your phone and your Google account. The last function of this application is a detailed view your call log, a record of the calls made.
This application is very simple-to-use and even a basic Android user can operate it easily. You can download it from PiContacts website or directly from Google Play store.
Application ScreenShots
Please give this App a try and share your valuable suggestions at info @ picontacts DOT com to make it feature-rich in the next release.

nice nd easy software,,,,,,,,,, good luck