Phase 8, Bahria Town - DSL+IPTV performance?

Hey guys.

For those living in Bahria Phase 8 (Rawalpindi), how is PTCL there? What about their Smart TV? And are there any other options there?

Also, for anyone who may be in Nayatel, do they have any plans of coming to Phase 8 in the next year or so?

Seems not so good. Mostly its cribbed (as ever) at forum of and one odd at

Generally people are not satisfied with quality of lines and internet connectivity, particularly gammers which need high speed connections. Some one has mentioned in that nayatel has concluded some kind of contract with BT for services on Phase 7 and Phase 8. Nothing on ground as yet though. I am posting in these forums / place to get to know more and will update.

update: recently shifted to phase 7, BT, I am using ptcl smart tv with 8 mpbs connection. Its working well. There is no other option for tv, BB, and internet other than PTCL.

Have been living in Phase 8. PTCL was the only option. I wanted niyatel, I heard they might be here or whatever, but forgot about them because from last one year PTCL got really good, especially when they installed new large “boxes”. Now, I am thinking to upgrade my 8MB to 20MB since the connection is really good.

Before that, I have, myself, install the outside small connection box “dabbi” because PTCL guys did sloppy job. I re-made all wire connections and fine tune it (solder them). After many trials and errors, found best location for spliter and DSL modem. Fine tune settings in DSL modem to get some “good-enough” stable connection. I was getting 5mb~7mb (rainy vs sunny). But now, from last one year, I am getting almost 9~10mb on my 8mb connection. Most likely, you’ll get decent internet. If not then you just need to make some fuss in BT office and PTCL office to get install new big “boxes” which will clear all your problems, if any. That’s what I did :smiley:

I do have PTCL’s digital TV, it’s for some people in my home who can’t live without “traditional TV”. It’s decent but “thakka hoa” just like any cable in Pakistan. Niyatel also have their digital TV, but meh. You can pause/rewind some channels and may watch “episodes” from up to last 30 days. I am sorry, it’s too old technology for being in 2017. At the very least get iflix. Better get Netflix. Or better get Android tv-topbox for streaming (China made) and stream the sh!t out of unlimited PTCL connection. :wink: I mean that’s what I do, stream things. :smiley:

I have smart TV, but I found Android tv-topbox is much better and comes with latest bells and whistles.