Peshawar - Islamabad, Time Lapse Video!

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Waiting for that video, when are gonna release it? 14th or earlier?


On 14th Inshallah !!

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Good use of equipments but dude is stupid he filmed empty road these kind of videos usally people capture in city streets day or night times


Learn to appreciate. Its so easy to degrade someone instead of encouraging them.

@ OP

Good work. Keep it up. I would suggest doing something of that sort with nature. Take your equipment and film something from early morning time till sunrise. That would be awesome.

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would love to see if you could make like this one with Peshawari popular places


Excellent stuff!

good work, but you have to diversify to make it more entertaining

check out the new video here

awesome work in both videos.

just one word ....Awesome :)