Pepsi Sponsors Cricket Revolution

Pepsi Sponsors Cricket Revolution

Have you guys seen the new Cricket Revolution ad by Pepsi. Quite frankly I think it was pretty good to know that some marketing guys see gaming as ways to make money..

Whats your take on it?

Should we expect more games to be published by big companies?

Its just the Game video with Pepsi's Watermark on every thing. When game was launched there was no Pepsi sponsorship but later after the game gained some popularity they decided to support it and now they are saying pepsi presents.

The Good thing is that you can get the Game for free now with Pepsi via CD or Download :), But on the other hand this game can make you mad, so if you love your Computer/Laptop kindly don't play it!

^ What do you mean by mad. Like madly in love with it? :D


I have heard that the game has bugs, but people still enjoy it. They seem to enjoy it more than Brian Lara Cricket..

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^ What do you mean by mad. Like madly in love with it? :D

Mad means real Mad :P Frustrated too be more precise. The Game’s main charm is Online playing, and if you are new there and got a Match with some Pro or having lag etc. Then you are doomed.


^ Off topic but anybody of you know how to get in touch with pepso to send them some proposals ? I did not find anything on there website ! :(

You need to go and meet up directly. It would take couple of attempts to find the right person

Its pretty nice to see this industry being developed from Pakistan !


Go here and meet their marketing guys