Pentium 4 For sell

For sell 9000 rs

CPU: Pentium 2.8E HT 1 MB cache 800 FSB

Mother Board: D865GBF 6 PCI, AGP 8X, 2 SATA 1.5Gbs, 4 slot dual channel Ram Sound Max 6.1 or VGA 64 MB Builten.

(motherboard has been replaced with new one 1.5 year ago but have no Warranty left)

CASING: Handheld tower casing with murcury 400Watt PSU, 4 cooling Fans.

RAM: 256*4 dual Channel 400Bus original Kingston.

ITEMS: Sony Writer 48x/24x/48 And SBlive 4.1 EAX Sound, RealTek 10/100Mbs ,Sony Floppy Drive. 40GB Seagate barracuda 7200Rpm .

(Reason For Selling Upgrading) Living in Karachi

My cousin was interested in your comp, but since you gave a negative about the HD, he bought another one.

No problem I already have 7500 with out HDD. There ware hdd included 40 GB i forget to add it.