PEMRA bans some Indian Channels...Not all!

Two days ago cable operator of my area shut down all Indian channels except Star Plus, Sony, Starone. When I asked him the reason, he told me that PEMRA has imposed restriction in the viewing of all other Indian channels except some which I 've mentioned earlier. That's the situation here in Multan but don't know about other areas.

A good step by PEMRA but it could 've been more better shutting all Indain channels.

yup close all of them...

I hope they ban all Indian channels.

Star Sports and ESPN are also indian channels..

Dont ban them.. Where are we going to watch all our Footy then? :P

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Star Sports and ESPN are also indian channels…

Dont ban them… Where are we going to watch all our Footy then? :P


Only Drama,Indian movies, and Indian music channels have been banned. Espn, star sports, Star movies,HBO,Discovery, Natgeo of India not banned.

Basically, Hindi channels (except for the three above) have been banned.

Why couldn't they have done this

a) earlier, and

B) with all Hind language channels (including the Hindi-based Star channels)? I'm not sure, but those channels that offer clean, Hindi entertainment could be left unblocked (it may be oxymoronic, but if there is, it's better than the Sony and Star crap)

Yea i want them to ban too.

whats wrong if people want to see them ? they shouldnt ban them if people are getting entertained here in Lahore getting more than 25 indian channels .

Gr8 Pemra

Ban all indian channels

Pakistanis don't have any rights to watch and entertain so ban all channels. Banning TV is also a very good option. Ban don't ban fashion tv pakistan (of ary), don't ban MTV Pakistan.

Isn't this an unnecessary step. I'm sure all of us are enjoying this but what is the point behind it?

Unnecessary & Stupid step by PEMRA...

Stupid for ppl who like indian channels

Its a gr8 step by pemra


Why ban Indian channels?

Seriously Why?

I don't watch Indian channels cuz I am into English entertainment (Anime/Manga incl).

Whats your reason?

As far as I am concerned !@#$ channels are no different from Indian as they show Indian dramas and songs as well, with the only exception of PTV. I like the Karachi produced programs in PTV only cuz they make sense unlike Lahori's endless love dramas.

My stance is a bit different: Indian soaps are basically plagued. There are some soaps on Geo that are also plagued with a never-ending story. Those programs ought to be banned, if the channel can't be banned.

It's the filth that's creeping in, not the entertainment. I mean - people literally snatch for the TV remote just to watch some stupid never-ending "saas-bahu" saga.

Utterly grotesque! And well - gotta agree that it's not just Indian channels. We do it too!

Ban, ban, ban! Ban them all.

^Dude be careful how you use the B word, you might end up B-ing (means Ban) us all.

^ Hey hey hey, if we just add a "g" between ban & ing, it becomes banging! :D Ha ha ha

BTW i 100% agree, all pakistani channels copy indian channels (overall), except PTV. So there is nothing good in banning indian channels. So simply Unnecessary & Stupid...

Reading your sig, I'm wondering why you've posted it in the public forums :P

Anyway, it's not who copies or not - it's about the concept. When has there ever been a clean concept in the Indian/Pakistani media? Both are too busy biting the other person's head off, which is now reflected in dramas too.

A sad state of affairs... and then each party says that we should be individualistic. Great going, hypocrites!

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Reading your sig, I’m wondering why you’ve posted it in the public forums :P

Dont worry, its not for you :P