PDF to EXCEL Software

I am looking for a software that can convert PDF documents to Excel.

I have tried a few, but most rubbish.

Any suggestions.

I could develop a software for you.

Its not that hard, maybe three months.

You could market it for me, (and maybe pay me too).

If not, then go to sourceforge, they have all sorts of zany stuff over there.


R u a sftware engineer?

Or learnt that stuff sumwhere?

^ Yup, me Software Engineer, However, still looking for greener pastures as lack of good challenging projects have deteriorated my skills.

Really hoping I could get into TRG or Avanza. plz pray for me.

will pray for you...:-)

Btw, frm where did u did software engg?


and I did my BBIT (Bachelors in Business in IT) from Beaconhouse Informatics. Degree is affiliated with Curtin University of Technology.


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find any software in sourceforge :)

@/\ /\/ /\ /\/\ Well if a software is not necessary, then you can use http://www.pdftoexcelonline.com/ it is free & works, all you need is a internet connection (which you probably have)...

PS if you ever want to convert pdf to word, then http://www.pdftoword.com/ is also available (this is also free).

use nitro pdf software it can really help.

If you are comfortable with OpenOffice, then check the following:


what to do for word to pdf converter.

Install word to pdf addon.

use able2Extract

- For converting x to pdf, use PDF Factory Pro. It's an excellent software and can convert any document which can be printed, to pdf, with many many options.

- For converting pdf to excel, I recently saw Able2Extract, and it looks really good, though I haven't tested it thoroughly, but the form I had to convert to word, got converted pretty well, although it could not convert the fields properly and I had to type text separately over converted fields.



ya thanx for sharing

I need to convert a Excel Data into PDF formate.

Can you suggest an easiest way to do that?

Thanks and regards

Muhammad Osaid Khan MOK

Try able2Extract or office 2007 addon


Hey shiraz,

Tell me more about able2Extract tool.

If you install Acrobat pro it should install a Office toolbar which should allow you to export documents to PDF from within any Office application.

Otherwise just google for 'pdf print driver' and install them, and just print your document to a PDF file.

use "Smart PDF Converter Pro" I found it working good.