PC Upgrade: How About This (Mobo + Processor) Combo?

Been waiting forever for an upgrade. I basically want

this machine to be an entertainment portal. Your basic

multi-tasking: surfing, watching videos, social networking,

maybe some editing, etc. I want it to work faithfully for

the foreseeable future.


I have come up with this combination. Intel processor

i5-2400 and either an Asus (P8H67-V), or an Intel

motherboard (Intel DH67CL). All the rest of the stuff

is updated already.


Given the resources involved, I am just wondering, if

these are (1) viable options and the best available

combinations ?, or could one do better ?.

Sheikh 'Horns Of A Dilemma' Chilli

Will you be gaming with this mobo + pro combo?

what is the budget for both of the above?

Have you considered the laptop vs PC debate especially in this era of loadshedding?

No gaming at all. I just want a rig that is sturdy,

reliable, and "future proof'. Something that can

be added upon, with time, as needed. Budget for

both is 25-30K. Lower the better, of course, but

can't compromise on the fundamentals.

I recall that you like to build PCs jack. There may

be others who like to keep track of what's coming

down the pipeline from Intel and others. Just want

to make sure I get the full spectrum of experienced

WP opinion.

Laptops certainly have their utility Asad. This will

be an upgrade to a machine that is used for stuff

which, a laptop, by virtue of it's construction constraints,

is handicapped (multiple cards, large HDDs, etc).

Sheikh 'Plot Thickens' Chilli

Laptops should not be preferred for heavy multi tasking like editing, gaming, rendering, etc. Best choice for these is desktop. Desktops can easily be upgraded in future by adding more RAM modules, hard disks, new GPU, bluray drives, dvd writers, PCI cards etc.

ASUS motherboards are better than Intel. 2nd generation Core i Processors rock. These consume low power and give outstanding performance.

well first of all intel's ivy bridge will be released in march 2012. So thats just 4 months from now. These processors are supposed to be 60 percent faster then sandybridge processors, so if you wanna wait for that its up to to you.

If you cannot wait, then ofcourse there are MSi motherboards which are quite good and they r available in Pakistan. Take a look at this one:


this supports:

THX TruStudio PRO: deliver the fullest audio experience for games, music and movies

Also supports USB 3.0 & SATA 6Gb/s

Of the 2 mobo that you are thinking of, they do not have thx tru surround, essential for good quality sound. Furthermore the asus mobo has an extra pci exp slot which is totally useless as your system is not for gaming. And don't even get me started on intel.

If you want to save some money then look into the i5 2300 instead of 2400. Otherwise 2400 is fine.