PC upgrade - advice and suggestions! Urgent :)

Hello all, i am thinking to upgrade my pc for gaming purposes (need to play all high end games like GTA-4, Mass effect 1 and 2 etc and new ones which gona be coming out later this year in reasonable gfx quality) I am going to upgraded within 1-2 days so need a second opinion urgently, my budget is around 60-65k at max. I don't need a gfx card or cd/dvd drive but will need to upgrade everything else i suppose.

I have done a bit of research but still would like to hear suggestions and advices which can help me cut my cost and get better hardware.

For processor i am thinking to get either i3 540 @ 3.06 or i5 650 @ 3.2. Though its confusing for me because all the benchmarks i've seen around the web, i3 and i5 650 does not seem to have a huge considerable difference in games. What are your opinion about this keeping in mind about what i will be using the pc for.

Motherboard - Asus P7H55D-M

Ram - 4GB corsair single - Is it enough for games above and future ones?

PSU - 550 W Corsair VX550 - Enough?

Looking for 500Gb WD HDD. -

And a computer casing preferably under 5k with proper look. I found ANTEC CHASSIS SIX HUNDRED SE pretty nice. On galaxy the price is 5k so in market it will be a bit cheaper?

What about keyboard and mouse both under 3 k? Can i get a illuminated keyboard in this price?

I think thats all because i already have a GTS 250, 1GB 512 bit.

Now the most confusing part is about choosing an LCD. I am looking to get 20' atleast. Most of the 20' available in market come in the rage of 13k but only have native resolution of 1,600 x 900 and not full 1080p. What i want to know is that if 1080p is such a big deal? Will having a 1080p LCD monitor show any effect keeping in my mind above specs and viewing distance. Also will it have any considerable effect overall while watching movies ( I always watch HD movies which are usually 720p). These monitors are usually DVI input and not HDMI, ive read that they both are same things but the latter one with audio too? Is there any video quality difference between DVI and HDMI?

Please suggest and advice, also please tell me price so i wont get robbed by hafeez center dealers and if someone can suggest a reliable shop there. Also point out if i am missing something in the list.

Thanks for reading and taking out your time. Happy gaming.

Now is not a good time to buy. The CPUs you are suggesting are all obsolete.

There is a new platform called sandy bridge by Intel (socket 1155). Unfortunately there has been a setback with this new platform and the result is that it will take a month or two more before quality motherboards for this platform will be released. But, regardless, its not a good idea to buy a 1156 platform system like the one you are proposing. Wait for revision C sandy bridge mobos to arrive. If you want more details I suggest you visit fudzilla.com or ask me here and I will fill you in.

Thanks for reply, much apppreciated. Actually i need the new PC urgently and i am unable to wait for a month, because my old one is dead, what do you suggest me? I will be able to re-upgrade this rig within 2-3 months though. And what if i get a L1155 mobo? They are available in market and i saw 2 models at galaxy priced at 16k and 18k. If they'r not released then how come galaxy selling them? And will it have any effect on the performance of i5 650 and my gfx card?

Also, can you also provide your insight regarding my rest of the queries and confusions? Many thanks once again.

You had better buy a laptop.


I currently have a very similar pc to what you're considering building (except graphics card), and i can tell you that it can play any latest game i throw at it, Haven't tried GTA IV on it yet, but i think it'll run fine. So I'll just say that its safe to go for this setup.

Since you are spending so much money, throw in a ssd drive as.aboot drive 40-60gb should be heaps, someone was selling gskill ones here which are pretty fast.

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both i3 and i5 650 are dual core, so IMO, i3 is better as it is cheap, u may get i5 760 which at least a quad core!

thanks for suggestions, @ KO, bro, 7200 rpm hdd won't be enough? 60gb might not be enough :( also i can't spare more money because i am going for 23' samsung LCD.

Please advice.