PC Speaker; how to turn it on?

can anybody tell me how to turn the pc speakers on in a winxp environment? i just want to hear vid clips through that channel.

i m not sure what speakers are you talking about ( i m guessing those little ones inside cpu) try sound and audio devices in control panel.

also check if the speaker-icon has a cross over it (in the system tray , where the date is displayed). if yes, then unmute it. if you cant do that, then may be the sound drivers aren't installed.

If you are talking about the one speaker which beeps to inform about system related errors, then :

-Double click on speaker Icon in taskbar

-Click on Options, then Properties

-Click on "Playback" and then find the checkbox for "PC speaker", check it and then Ok.

A new slider bar should appear whenever you double click the speaker icon taskbar, enabling you to unmute/mute and change the volume of PC built-in speaker.

If what you want is to use that tiny speaker (which beeps when there are errors) as a primary speaker. Well thats not possible

yeah i am talking about the speaker found inside the CPU box, whatever u may call that. in fact my concern is to relay the sound signals to that little speaker. i can hear certain beeps out of it on pc start ups. but i am unable to listen symphonies etc. which we often expect from a branded system found in certain labs of educational institutions. though my system is not a branded one.

It seems i was wrong. It is indeed possible to play wav files through that speaker. You need to install this driver in order to do that in XP.


*edit. that site requires registration. Try finding the drivers from another source. The name of the driver is "Pc Speaker" I am searching too. Just want to try this