PC restarting issue

Hello everyone!

I am facing a weird problem with my PC. Its sometimes restarts itself especially when i start it first time. Some yellow and blue lines appear on screen and boom it restarts. Anyone know whats going on and help?

Could you be more specific, and i guess there will be white lines with blue bg (called blue screen of death)

No, its not BSOD. I know about BSOD. Its just kind of distortion in screen. Sometime mouse also disappears. Otherwise, it works but sometimes i give problem. I fixed registries, clean dust in PC. Don't know what the hell is problem. Anyways i disabled "automatic restart on system failure." option in Control Panel. Is there any chance that any system file is missing?

Could be a Virus :-/ . do you have any Antivirus / Firewall installed?

Yes i have Avast Antivirus installed.

No, its not BSOD. I reinstalled windows too but still same problem. Sometimes it happens and sometimes not. What actually happens that when PC booting up suddenly blue distortion come up on screen and PC become slow and sometimes mouse don't work, just freezed up there. I can't understand what's the issue. By the way, my VGA cable don't have screws i thought its creating this problem but its totally intact inside. I think it as a software problem. Please help someone!!

try installing another OS, and check the power cable for your Hard disk, change it with CD/DVD-ROM's .

Could be the graphic card if you have one. I think its starting to go bad. Is your PC well ventilated? Try booting in safe mode. If it works in it without a problem then its probably not the hard drive.

Problem is that sometimes it happens and sometimes it just boot up normally. I think its hard drive. Defragmenting it might be a solution i guess.

I cleaned RAMs plus whole PC. Checked all cables. But its still happening. It restart 3 to 4 times every time when i start PC for first time. I just know that screen get distorted and colours disturbs when its being restarted.

I disable "Automatic restart on system failure" from Control Panel but its restarting so its means that its not a software issue. My VGA cable isn't tightened with screws. I think this must be issue but whole PC is restarting not just monitor. VGA cable makes whole PC restarted, that doesn't make much sense to me. :/

And most noticeable thing before restarting is that yellow distortion come up on screen and PC immediately and it only when i start my PC first time. After 2-3 restart, it run smoothly onwards.

Its definitely a hardware problem but it could be anything of the following components:

Power supply unit



Expansion cards

The only option you have is test each component until you have narrowed down the list of suspect parts. To do that you will have to swap in working parts. If you don't have extra parts on hand you will have to take your system to a computer shop that does have extra parts.

BTW to test memory you can use the software found at http://www.memtest.org/. Burn that software to a bootable CD, then remove unessential parts like expansion cards and HDD and boot off that CD. Let it run for at least 2 passes and if it finds any errors you'll know the problem is with the RAM.

Or if you have ubuntu cd it already has memtest included.

I tested with memtest and it passed test so RAM is okay! One thing i noticed also that even log viewer is giving error of disk which is "The device, \Device\Harddisk0\D, has a bad block" so its mean that D: drive of HDD have bad sectors.

Now can anyone tell me how to seperate bad sectors so they never be accessed. I used to do it with scandisk by inserting windows 98 CD but its not working fully. It just checks C: drive. If i am able to seperate bad sectors maybe this problem will be solved.

The problem is quite weird because there is no apparent reason how its happening..It reboots for 2-3 times then works like a charm. And God knows whats that yellow distortion thingy which come up on screen.

Frequent loadshedding when the HDD is being written to, will

cause the sector data to be (partially) written but checksums

(ECC data) will not be written. This sector will be considered

"bad" by hard disk firmware. This is aside from the physical mal-

formation on the disk.

You can either do a low-level format of the drive. It will do this:

1. If ECC checksums are missing, they will be restored, returning

the sector in service.

2. If the sector is physically damaged, it will be marked "bad" and

replaced by the spare (if there are any spares), at the on-disk con-

troller level, without the OS intervention. If there are no spares left

the sector will remain "bad".

You can try HDD Regenerator* to try and repair the "bad"

sectors, before you have to go and format it.




Sheikh 'Fruits Of KESC' Chilli

(*) Get the full working copy from torrents.

This is what i get with HD Tune: http://i56.tinypic.com/2ebvimw.jpg


I recovered bad sectors with software " HD Regenerator " . PC is not restarted today i guess the problem has been resolved but lets see !

Today i got this error on bootup :( :


Sani just so you know HDD bad sectors/blocks are a sign of a failing HDD. Any software based solution is only a temporary fix. The damage is on the physical hardware level so your HDD *is* failing and there is nothing you can do about it. So you should keep regular backups and, if possible, buy a new HDD right away.

As far as the motherboard error is concerned it maybe related to the CMOS loosing its settings due to the battery dying out . You can try replacing the battery on the motherboard. It'll cost around Rs. 50. You may have to reset the cmos using the appropriate jumper or by removing the battery for longer than 40 minutes to get rid of the message.