Pc Internet speed slows

hello everyone i am using ptcl wireless broadband internet (1 mb) i am having a problem. my brother uses wifi on his phone. before using wifi my internet speed is very good and i also get low ping but whenever he turns on wifi my ping goes to 700 and my downloading speed reduces to 10 kgb per second. Pls tell me what should i do :/

Modem model: W150D


Unfortunately, most routers do not support user level bandwidth limits and you either have to buy a more expensive model or turn to alternative/custom firmware(s) for the router! However, you may try QoS that the W150D supports together with some wireless network tweaks ... trouble is that QoS is usually poorly implemented and only works if rest of the network honours the flags it uses ... anyways ... here is the setting:

- You need to check 'Enable QoS' and select 'Auto Marking' from the dropdown box!

For the wireless settings:

(Don't know whether or not the PTCL firmware offers advanced settings ... if you want to try other firmware, then take a look at ahmedfarazch.blogspot.com ... read carefully though as you might brick your router)

(Micronet's SP3367NL board is used in Tenda/PTCL's W150D and Micronet's firmware can be used as well)

- Under this section, you need to enable WWM and WMM No-ACK!

Try these settings and do give your feedback!



in wireless only these are the options i see http://postimg.org/image/qo4peon1p/