PC Hanging: Hard Drive Issue...Can anyone help?

Dear Friends,

I'm in a bit of problem here. I've:

Pentium 3, 1 GHZ -512 MB RAM

Motherboard D815

I recently installed a new Hard Drive [Western Digital 160GB], along with old Seagate 40 GB one. I'm currently using one Combo Drive [DVD-ROM/Writer].

The problem is my PC is hanging, if i plug in my new hard drive i.e 160 GB one.

Jumper Settings are as follows:

IDE 1-

40 GB HD-Master

160 GB HD-Slave

IDE 2-


Can you point out where is the problem? Is there a jumper settings problem because it did pick up.

P.S: 160 GB HD has 4 partitions of 40 GB each Simple/Dynamic. BIOS is showing both HD and CD-ROM. It does work too, but it hangs and once it hangs it keeps hanging in short intervals.

At what point does it hang? Does it boot into the OS? Or does it hang right when you start your computer.

Does everything work properly if you disconnect the new hard drive?

1- It hangs in middle of work and if i restart my PC, which i have to. Sometimes it works for few minutes, else it hangs on Welcome Screen of OS[XP].

2-Yes, i have unplugged 160GB one and it is working fine.

3-It did hang on Checking 160GB HD while installing XP.

Run scandisk/chkdisk on your HD to look for errors and bad sectors.

Through the recovery console, run chkdsk on each partition of the new HDD.

its either the hdd at fault, or maybe ur desi psu cant take the extra load...

edit: uhh my bad, if it boots up fine thn its most likely not psu.... hehe :P

change the power connector and check again. Swap power connectors one by one, i had this problem a while back and it turned out to be a bad power connector and it took me a great deal of time to identify the problem because i did'nt expect my newly purchased corsair 720W PSU to had a bad connector.