Pc card/ gprs card

hello guys

I want to buy gprs card for my laptop. i tried to search on galaxy and other sites for its price but not got. does any one plz guide me about its price. and from where i can purchase it. (lhr or gujranwala)

GPRS? Is that not only a service for phones using GSM?

yes but their is some card for laptop called GPRS CARD. to directly link gprs to ur laptop without handset............

A GPRS card uses a normal SIM card, with which you can effectively use your computer to perform the functions of a cell phone e.g. making calls, surfing the net via GPRS etc. Check this out:


or you could connect your cellphone via bluetooth/infrared/data cable and use it as gprs modem

newer cards like this sony erricsson card offer both GPRS and EDGE option



there is also an alternative u can use internet on ur lappy by connecting ur cell phone with ur lappy by Bluetooth and then u can use it

a friend of mine is using internet by his 6600

yes this is a way and i am using it. but i want to keep my cell free as when i connected through BT i can't make or receive calls due to GPRS . thats y i want to purchase connect card for laptop.

galaxy is selling this one


thanks for info

make sure that card also edge enable

ofcourse...... you have any info regarding that?

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ofcourse… you have any info regarding that?

sorry, i dont have any informationabout gprs/edge pcmia card but you can sget information from vender.