Paypal Proof of address


My paypal account is limited now and they are asking me to provide the photo id or proof of address to delimit the account, Can anyone let me know how to do that as i am living in Pakistan no friend or relative living in Us so is it possible? Or should i forget about my hard earned :D dollars :(

You should have thought about it before. In my case i lost 5 Dollars in Paypal account.

Even if you give them a US address, how ae you planning to withdraw money from paypal?

I lost 160 $ and I dont withdraw I use cash to buy stuff so anyone with the trick to make it work

You can find someone who has a account (people can help you in return of a fee). On a side note did you ever have to pay customs on items you buy using paypal?

maybe you can deposit into and than withdraw

Mostly no custom and now paypal is not letting me withdraw or to send ro anyone

Go to and contact zshak, he will be able to help to get your account verified and remove the limit.

who told you to go with paypal when you;ve alternatives. forget paypal and move ahead. Always use skrill , 2co for your payments and never risk your money. Convince your clients to pay you via skrill or have a website with 2co merchant account you ll be able to receive paypal money and credit cards.