Paypal integration to website

hi every one

does anybody knows how to integrate the paypal button into your website using the paypal sandbox feature.....

I dont know whats sand box ?

I have integrated paypal. Depends what do you use it. If you click on merchant account, they give you couple of options of fix payments or variable. I Selected fix and they gave me a code which I put in my website and it was done

^ As punk explained. You can insert a java code or html code in paypal.

Sandbox is demo to check the gateway with any fake details.

Oh ok. Thanks for letting me know. If there is any problem. I will write a pictorial kinda tutorial for you

i think the tutorial will be helpful

i also tried the integration wizard of the paypal but u cant understand what they are saying

paste this code here and that there sort of stuff......

i donot have merchant account i have sandbox account as engel said with fake details and i want to integrate it to my website

Please Send me Email or Pm regarding what you want to do and I will write a tutorial for you at night with pictures and every thing

Dont worry !

thanks a lot friend i have done it but it have one problem after clicking on the "paywith paypal" the paypal website returns an error

"AMT missing"

whats that???

I have no idea about sand boxes. Did you tried it online ?

I think you are not adding products or their is some issue with it

sand box are dummy accounts with no correct information used to test websites instead using actual accounts sandboxes are used

i am adding the products but the amt is a variable in code that totals the total amount

but i dun know how to fix it

did you googled for that ?

yeah but couldnt find any reasonable results

Try using it in real time