Payoneer Card - MCB & SCB charging Rs. 300

MCB and SCB are now charging Rs. 300 instead of Rs. 200 on payoneer ATM cash withdraw. My last withdrawl was from Samba bank on 3rd Feb 2014 and there was no deduction at all.

Yes you're right.... I made a withdrawal on 16th February, 2014 from Standard Chartered C block branch Lahore... and they deducted 300... this is really embarrassing.... :@

what is this poineer card ?

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what is this poineer card ?


Frequently Asked Questions about payoneer atm card is

Standard chartered bank demanded me 50,000/- for deposit to open a new student account.. :angry:

Hi Friends!

I have an account with Payoneer and Bank of America is providing services for my this account. So in last days i wanted to pay my Fee to NVC from my account and i decided to pay from my Payoneer account and i deposited into my Payoneer account and submitted online payment form but my payment rejected from Bank of America so i contacted with payoneer team but they said i can't pay from my account i can only use my MasterCard for online payments. So i decided to withdraw my fund via ATM so i used Standard Charted Bank ATM machine but when you are going to use ATM withdrawal method from your payoneer account keep in your mind that which machine you are going to use does that support MasterCard machine? If that machine does not support MasterCard your card maybe sucked or transaction will be failed. Any how I used ATM machine of Standard Charted Bank. I taken withdraw of 30000 PKR but they deducted from my account 324.16 USD. I surprised that fee was 3.15 USD per transaction but i paid 24.16 USD for two transaction. So it is so much costly. I wanted to add pic of my statement but here I can't. So be careful about ATM withdrawal.