Password protecting LAN on XP

I have been trying hard to find out an option in XP to put password on my shared folders over the LAN. Just like it was in the good old 98.

Please help me, as I want only selected people to access my shared folders.

Its builtin in Windows Vista Ultimate & Home Premium.

linux also has it built in

You mean to say there is no such option built-in in the XP?

Yeah, sure . Thats why XP sucks & Vista ROCKS.

Nope, i dont think xp has any option for this, you will have to use 3rd party software for this

you've an option to setup persmissions for each user whom u wana allow access in Win XP pro..

^^ he is right, u have to set permissions

Actually setting permission is possible only for the users of my own computer. As now affirmed by executionist and others, I am sure it is not possible to restrict some folders for some computers over the LAN on XP.

1) Create some user on your pc

2) Give permissions only to that user

The users that you create on your system are local, but one can access your system from LAN (depending on permissions given by you)