Passport for a Six Months Baby

I just wanted to ask this question about Pakistani Passport that the second page of the passport requires either a signtaure or thumb impression of the passport holder, with clear instructions that the passport is not valid without thumb impression or signature of the holder. I recently got a passport for my six months old daughter, and at this age neither can she sign nor does her thumbs have clear lines required for a thumb impression. I couldnt even find information for this on any website.

Can anyone tell me what should I do in such a situation. I have to apply along with my family for British Visas soon and I am wondering what to do with this scenario of the passport of my baby

Any authentic help please

why you even need a passport for a six MONTH old is what confuses me. I dont think it would be needed. If it is, then its daft people making crazy rulez!

I suggest you contact the passport office IN PERSON if you havnt done that already. And i suggest my

dear dr. saab to go straight up to the officer-in-charge rather than trying to explain your problem to

their lower staff.

AFAIK passport is for atleast 12 years old, not for new borns! Any child younger than 12 would have his entry in the passport of parents, probably mother's passport.

These days passports are must even for newborns. I have got a passport for my six months old daughter, as it is a requirement for international travel these days and small babies can no more travel on passports of their parents . I have went to the passport office and talked to the Assistant Director, who was also clueless, and said nothing is required for newborn to be there in that section, but the clear cut instruction below that box is confusing me a lot.

not these days,,, my niece passport was made back in 2003 May when she was 2 months old.

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not these days, my niece passport was made back in 2003 May when she was 2 months old.

So what you did with the section requiring thumb impression or signature on the 2nd page of the passport booklet??

nothing to worry about thumb impression for infant.......

You don't need to worry about that; just leave it blank and I think no one will ask question about validity of the passport. I had to get passport for my newborn daughter when she was only 2 weeks old, and she got Aussie visa on that passport and that page is still blank after about 2 years now.

And yes, individual passport is now a requirement; you cannot have entry of kids on parents' passports anymore.