Parental Controls App by Parental Values


  1. APPS BLOCKING: Parental Values blocks distracting and dangerous applications with a single click! Parents can also block apps based on category and set daily time limits for each app. At any time, parents can view their child’s app usage and filter apps by most used.

  2. WEB FILTER: Prevent your children from accessing inappropriate content and block dangerous websites and keywords!

  3. SAFE DRIVING Automatically blocks applications and phone calls while teens are driving! Parents can also set speed limits and get alerts whenever the speed limit is exceeded.

  4. LIVE LOCATION TRACKER: Now you can track your children’s location on a map and see where they have been recently!

  5. Limit Screen Time: Set daily and weekly schedules for your child’s mobile devices! Get your kids involved in sports, education, and family activities instead by locking their phone during certain times of day!

  6. FAMILY LOCATOR: Track all of your children’s location on a single map!

  7. CALL BLOCKING: Block unknown numbers, promotional companies, and scam callers from talking with your kids! Easily block callers that are not listed in your child’s contacts.

  8. MESSAGE MONITORING: Monitor your child’s text messages and get alerts when inappropriate topics like sex or drugs are discussed!

  9. DAILY SCHEDULE Set daily restrictions to help prioritize other activities with time scheduling!

  10. GEOFENCE: Set SAFE ZONES and DANGER ZONES and receive alerts when your child leaves or enters a designated zone! A popular combination is to set a zone around their school and your neighborhood!

  11. REMINDERS: Send an automated reminder to your child about appointments, tests, medications, and important tasks!

  12. FITNESS TRACKER Parental Values is a trusted parental control application that offers the most exciting, unique, and innovative :running_man:t3:‍♂ step-counting features. Our parental controls app can now help parents see how many steps your child has taken all day with additional features like calorie, time, and distance analysis.


Parental Values is Certified COPPA Compliant (FTC’s Children’s Safe Harbor).

What does COPPA Compliant mean?

COPPA stands for the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. EXPLICIT PARENTAL CONSENT IS REQUIRED BY LAW to collect, store, or transfer personal information about children under the age of 13; such as their IP address, physical address, geo-location, names, precise addresses, and other SENSITIVE information from your child’s mobile device, which are all critical to enabling you to protect your child from online dangers.

We use 100% explicit parental consent before our software is activated on any child’s device.

Security is a serious topic! NEVER use a parental control app that is not certified COPPA compliant. Please see our certifications listed on our website.

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