Pakistan's first free Web hosting service has arrived

BASE.PK was started on June 25th 2013, with the aim of facilitating the spread of technology and websites with in Pakistan. As Pakistan moves into the Information Technology era, we realized that the day would not be far when everyone would want a website for themselves or their business. We began to think about what prevented this from occurring now ? The single biggest reason we found was the cost involved. People in Pakistan did not want to waste their hard earned money on buying expensive domain names and hosting packages without really understand what was being offered.

What did we do ? We launched Pakistan’s first free web hosting company !

With our features out matching those of Pakistan’s paid hosing companies and our offering a free premium domain name for everyone who sign’s up for our hosting – we aim to change websites from a novelty to a necessity.

We are also managed hosting Server with 24/7 support for Cloud Computing Technology.

Another reseller of Byet Host. Try providing hosting on your own server, VPS, or a WHM reseller account. With byethost's reseller service, all your customer's/users are their property, not yours.

And very good sub domain, is a cool name - it'll surely attract users as it look's shorter and simpler, and professional as well. :)

agreed with Asmar.

My colleague who was doing a job at 15000, started providng web hosting, i dont know what and how he did this but all i can understnd is the what kind of quality and services he will provide. He must have joined someone or something like that...


he started providing free or paid hosting?

He start only free Hosting?

gtfo, people who know this business, do know that "Nothing is free in this world", this is a cheap way to attract innocent people and trap them either in affiliate offers, cpc ads or either force them after some months or days to buy a paid subscription.

Please don't bullshit people with your sales pitch of 'free hosting'.

Yup! i think you are right sir. thanks for guide us!

The Free hosting always have limited resources, Ofcourse a company can't bear the charges providing free features, Its one of technique to attract user, I will recommend to go paid hosting in order to save the time and performance of your site. One of paid hosting services is you can also get the trial for testing performance of servers.


contact here

i am currently using hosting from them and there service is great.

they also accept PKR.

ok MrKamran i contact with you!

What about ?