Pakistanis Climb K2

Celebrating 60 years of K2, with the Pakistani flag on top

Sixty years after the first ascent of K2 (8,611m), an all Pakistani expedition has made it to the top of Pakistan’s highest mountain and the most difficult 8000 meter peak in the world.

Ali Durrani, Ali Rozi, Hasan Jan, Mohammad Sadiq, Ghulam Mehdi and Rehmatullah Baig are the six climbers from the eight member ‘K2 2014 Pakistan Expedition: Sixty Years Later’ who successfully made it to the top of K2 on Saturday.

Some good news to cheer about. :D

Successful ascent of an "eight thousander" is always special. Congratulations to the entire expedition.

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Good news indeed, but on the other hand, there was an Italian technical assistant along the team, so not exactly an all-Pakistani team as dawn so happily claimed.

On an even more negative side (sorry, I am fasting you know ), Pakistanis really need to up their standards about what is something to be proud of and what is not. It is rather a shame that a Pakistani peak is so rarely conquered by any Pakistani led team.

Finally the truth has been spoken :rolleyes:

So technically we didn't topped the k2 still credits goes to Italians,

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So technically we didn’t topped the k2 still credits goes to Italians,

[/quote]Italians conquered it with Pakistani help in 1954, team included Colonel Muhammad Ata-ullah and Pakistani Hunza porter Amir Mahdi.

So technically we (Pakistanis) have conquered it in 2014 with Italian help :)

Pakistan is a serious joke!

OK crow is white bird I agree with you And Eid Mubarak :D

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OK crow is white bird I agree with you And Eid Mubarak :D


I gave you the relevant links.

and I waiting for All-Pakistani team lead by none other than our own armada conquering Mount Everest :D

خیر مبارک

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Pakistan is a serious joke!


swear as hard as you can, but don't say a word against My country. :angry:

[quote=“slave, post:7, topic:21383”]

Pakistan is a serious joke!


Look dude, Pakistan has it's issues just like every other goddamned country in the world. It's just that most Pakistanis b**** about it's issues more than appreciating the good things this country provide us. If we start doing the opposite, things will seem a lot better to us.

I live in Karachi, here you never know when the grimreaper is gonna visit you, but instead of worrying about that and living a scared and deranged life, i instead try focusing on the positive things. The girls, the foods, the malls, hangouts, technology, games, fun, stuff like that. As long as you can do that, you'll be fine & you'll actually enjoy being here. Have some faith, Pakistan isn't nearly as bad as you seem to think...

P.S. I also exaggerated on the Karachi situation, it's not that bad either. I know you keep hearing it on the news, but it's still not as bad as you would be assuming...


As far as the K2 news is concerned, i just agree with what SupMA5TER said. This isn't something to be proud of, it should be the norm for us for being pakis...

Speaking of Karachi, I've been there many times as some close relatives live there. I always expect to witness a few car-jackings, target killings and general stickups before travelling there, what will all the news reports etc, but upon reaching and living there, Karachi always seems as normal and lively as Rawalpindi/Islamabad or any other city of Pakistan. Much more lively actually. It does shut down when there is a major strike or call but otherwise it is just such a big bang city that even a dozen serious crimes a day cannot affect its life at all.

So yes, Pakistan, its cities and its people, despite all their flaws, are wonderful and great. All I am saying is that we should be achievers a little more often than we currently are.

So according to you both all those 5 to 10 people each day being killed is fake news, and they capturing FPS games and broadcasting on TV all those buses transportation being burn on roads made using cgi effects? Well I can agree since this cgi technology is so awesome and advance...*uck you media


I enjoyed yesterday

Just for YOUR info armada, Karachi is being defamed by Illuminati and we are all living in a computer generated dream world and are actually slaves of the AI machines.

Amir Mehdi the forgotten hero

Amir Mehdi wanted to be the first Pakistani to scale the country's highest peak, K2, and as one of the strongest climbers in the first team to conquer the summit, 60 years ago, he nearly did. Instead he was betrayed by his Italian companions, left to spend a night on the ice without shelter, and was lucky to survive.

"My father wanted to be the first Pakistani to put his country's flag on top of K2," says Amir Mehdi's son Sultan Ali, aged 62. "But in 1954 he was let down by the people he was trying to help."

Different nations have different attributes attached to them. The Italians are known for their cunning.