Pakistani Shadi Website

I was just googling around for my brother and found a good matrimonial website , that is

we did contact some people via that and got good response, i thought to share a good resource with you guys as well:)

Posted in the wrong section first of all. This belongs to the websites category. Lets hope this gets moved soon.

About the website, I think it's really a good resource for those who actually do visit matrimonial sites. In my opinion matrimonial sites are just time wasting, we have facebook these daiz and just keep your eyes open in the real world you can always find someone of the opposite sex you can marry.


do they have photo felicities

Thanks...I have just applied!


Thanks to ptcl for its broadband services now people shopping right from their home desktop , searching life partners , ordering pizza etc its true Pakistan has changed

Yeah. I heard those massies have a pretty good experience


gave this link to 7 people and all were very happy to browse.

moreover girls were also excited.

how crazy awaam-ul-naas for getting married with a white, doctor, engineer etc. :)

Wah, What abt if I call them from Kanay Daaa . Engineer & Well Settled and Well educated ;) LMAO !

and here is pakistani barbaadi website,

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and here is pakistani barbaadi website,

Lolz @ soner :D

tum abhi barbad hoye ke nahi ?;)

nice site

Boys with a Handsome Job don't need any website etc, They are the Golden eggs every one want them, No matter how they look :) Even these days boys having no job or high qualification but having a wealthy father can get a good looking educated girl to marry :P

So Boys my advice is make the decision wisely!

^ Lmao. Agreed. I wonder why it's so easy for guys to find 'rishtas' while girls keep waiting. What makes guys so attractive to evryone lolz?

That's because now a days it became a fashion for girls to get a Masters degree and then apply for job. That results in unemployment among boys + frustration in the environment. But when it comes to marriage they need a Handsome well educated and well settled person. In they end they remain SINGLE for their whole life or get married to a person whose responsibility is to do baby-sitting, while the Wife goes for job :P

Hence Proved = Its Girls own fault :P

Lolz, strange theory.. just flew right above my head 'sar se guzar gai' :P

The correct idiom is سر کے اوپر سے گزر گئی

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The correct idiom is سر کے اوپر سے گزر گئی

thank you very much for this precious thing

Wow you just saved Urdu here. Therefore i offer you a Salute for this determination of yours.