Pakistani Secret Starfleet and UFO reseach

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have seen these pics on flickr before, by some karachi guy. cool stuff lol.

Since these pictures are disgracing my national dress, I don't find them funny.

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Since these pictures are disgracing my national dress, I don’t find them funny.


Buy why phattans only seen in it? lolzzz. It is good as joke.

Salaam Alaikum,

I am the creator of the Pakistani Starfleet Series


A vision I have had as an artist to show modernization as an evolution. I try to show a futuristic, properous and blessed Pakistan that people can be inspired by and look forward to. I try to show tradition mixed with modern and space age trends in a pakistani way. The fact you say I am disgracing the national dress is completely wrong, uncalled for and hurts me to the deepest levels as you have a polarized idea of what my intent is as the artist........which is just wrong, wrong, wrong period.


Please look at more of my work before jumping to conclusions. Though the series has never been picked up positive people of influence who are serious of evolving it to books, TV or cinema, the series as it has been on Flickr for years as a loyal following of people numbering hundreds if not thousands to the point they have got more involved in promoting pakistani culture on their own too with increasing interest in all things pakistani. Because of my series more people have even started wearing salwar kameez again.

Please understand my work is to heroize pakistanis rather than what the global media typically does to villainize pakistanis or peoples of the east in general.



This is the basic premise of the series:

"The Pakistani Starfleet, a group of millions of courageous men and women heroes that span the cosmos who know no bounds, no limits and explore in a bold way as far as their Bedford Truck Starships will take them to the very ends of galaxies we know so little about to learn more about & in turn learn more about ourselves. There is literally 1000s of stories to be told about these adventurous heros who comprise the flagship of Earth based Starfleets under direction of UNIPASA [united National Inter Planetary Space and Air Association], A galactic village of federal star-travel achievers represented by countless 10,000s of intelligent species which include humans.

Yes, indeed.............we must not forget the Pakistani Starfleet have saved more lives than you can imagine from fate less than kind to sowing the seeds of new emergency civilizations to making new friends they knew they never had with life never seen before. They are true bold achievers where others may ask "what is out there?" and the people of the Pakistani Starfleet say......."we shall see"."


Now does that sound like this disgraces the national dress? It so happens to be I live in the west and every day I wear salwar kameez showing pakistanis and other easterners it's ok to wear the dress.

To put in perspective what disgrace is, is when pakistanis go to work in Kuwait like my friend Imran for example and he wears his salwar kameez to the office and gets fined 60USD of his hard earned money for wearing SK because his kuwaiti boss demands western attire only because he says traditional elements are related to villainy in the media or does not look quote professional or acceptable even if the SK is crisp and clean with waistcoat. Or in Pakistan there has even been increasing rules and laws in the work place passed against all forms of eastern attire or islamic or local dress, beard etc for similar reasons or they believe these styles are not compatible with the greater world which is not true. In the US all faiths and backgrounds are respected including muslims. There is laws that protect people and their rights and if an easterner or muslim wants to wear his or her dress in the workplace, americans respect that right and laws protect basic human rights of faiths and peoples.

In the East it seems as if people are dismantling their own culture. This is not the west doing this, this is easterners doing it to other easterners looking down on their own culture so they start adopting the trends of another civilization in the name of modernization rather than trying to also come up with their own unique ways of originality of modernizing too.




Over a decade ago I invented the Pakistani Starfleet to show there is a future and a place for eastern culture, civilization and heritage to continue to exist. To show that peoples of the east who care, love and want peace who save the planet from alien invaders, help their fellow brothers and sisters in time of need and exploring and colonizing the cosmos. This is the Pakistani Starfleet band of heroes and friends, your Pakistani Starfleet.


I see the images have been disabled for other users in this forum other than the administrator who posted this blog on my work. Please use the included link in my comment to view my work here:

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I see the images have been disabled for other users in this forum other than the administrator who posted this blog on my work. Please use the included link in my comment to view my work here:


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The first impression these pictures are giving is 'funny', as you can see the comments of people other than mine.

What funny is a woman wearing a hijab and sitting in front of a computer?

What funny is a man wearing a shalwar suit and looking at the stars?

If you wanted to glorify the shalwar suit, why in most of the pictures you used the ones in a shabby shape?

This is not glorification man, this is disrespect.

I have said my peace لگڑبگڑ.

LOL, my abs hurt! :lol: Funny stuff.

Last thing, when you say "What funny is a woman wearing a hijab and sitting in front of a computer?" and

What funny is a man wearing a shalwar suit and looking at the stars?" There is nothing wrong or funny about it. It shows a future where pakistanis are involved in space travel. Is there something wrong with that? I just don't understand why you say this? And the salwar suit is the official dress of the Pakistani Starfleet which has been adopted to many forms of space exploration use, no disrespect bhai.

Specter, I think someday we will evolve past our stupidity and set are sights on only two things are infinite: the universe & infinite human wisdom. We need to set are goal and ambitions on helping to clean up the environment, rid the world of poverty, disease and unfairness and focus on space colonization before we eventually overpopulate the planet and exhausts it's resources because if we did not explore space someday well, that would be an awfully big waste of infinite space out there.


@ all forum members

i got these photos while browsing flickr, this humor is very normal and this type of humor we see in our newspapers and tv everyday, so have a moment of laugh.

i am not the author of these photos as "Perfectlymadebirds" says he is the author of these photos (which i have taken as that he is telling the truth) then all credit goes to him for the above photos. Nice work man.

Shukria Arshadmunir!

You are absolutely right. I did want to thankyou for blogging my artwork and greatfully apreciate you having interest in my work. We do need more joy in this world and that is what I hope to share through the fruits of my labor as an artist and my love for pakistani culture. It is truly an honor you like my work Arshadmunir bhai.

@ Perfectlymadebirds:

Admit it. People are finding it funny and humurous, not visionary or intellectual.

I cannot control how people view or react to my artwork, I just only make my artwork and the intent is visionary. There is more people than I can count that would love to see the series evolve to a very serious and realistic trio of films, cartoons for kids and graphic novel books with the help of some pakistani collaboration. By the way, are you an artist too?

By the way this is my website testimonial page. You will see people indeed do find my work intellectual, inspiring and visionary:

These are my bic ball point pen drawings:

Those ballpoint drawings are some really amazing pieces of artwork. Well done!