Pakistani Qmonile phone soap

i am want to buy qmobile soap which is Rs 6999 only n wanna know are these q mobiles china made or pakistan made and which q mobile has 3g?

Some people say they are Taiwan made and some say Hungary made. But they are not China made that's what I have heard. I also like QMobile because of its features and also plan on buying it (if I buy my next phone). Two people are using it in my office for more than an year and it is working fine. A third colleague just purchased Q6 which is not mentioned on website. I think he got it imported.

I own a qmobile q5, its a Chinese mobile for sure (made in China) and completely rebranded for Qmobile. This company Qmobile is marketed by digicom in Pakistan.

I think this mobile improves what lacks in LG.

To you amusement, just check micromax India has the same mobile under the same code name Q5 in their list. They both look exactly the same.

same specification, same mobile, just re branded for two different companies in Pakistan and India, at the same time.

look for it, and decide on your own.

If you want dual sim functionality then no harm in buying it wid warranty and all. But if dual sim is not your priority then you should just buy a used nokia.Sealed one ofcourse.

I say buy a good thing once and get rid of all the hassles. Get an original phone either new or almost new.

If you're interested in a solid qwerty phone then you should wait for nokia c3. It's going to launch soon. Check for specs and pictures. I think it's going to be a bestseller. And vad3r is right. Get something reliable and have peace of mind.

Are these phones solid and hard like real phones or are they fragile like china?