Pakistani Gaming Service COD4 Servers

PGS (Pakistani Gaming Service) Launched COD4 (Call of Duty 4) Servers:



PKGS COD4 Search and Destroy Server: (Promodlive204)


PKGS COD4 Clan Match Server: (Promodlive204)


PKGS COD4 Team Death Match Server: (Hardcore)


team speak 3 also launched


Do think about a Counter Strike Source server for our poor !@#$ gamers, there are a lot of CSS Pakistani players and only few servers with ping and other issues,

if you need any help a about it i'll be glad to help you out in creating it .

@topic where are the servers located ?!

tracert shows its on NTC Broadband.

i have X fire installed

it shows a server of Link Dot Net (on which i played yesterday ... my first online experience :P)

and a couple of wateen servers in Pakistan

can i play online games my internet is 1 mb speed wateen connection

AsknAsk, I always look forward to feedback from the community. There is a perception of favourtism from the admins, but my personal experience says that more of than not its a false alarm.

I have a reasonably unbiased view of the service myself, meaning i'm not a fanboi of WOG. I think we are trying to segregate the gaming market with a initiative that has only the best for professional gaming in mind. If we pull it off, we'll be able to transform it into something bigger and better (hopefully). If we fail, you'll have all the free gaming you want.

Most admins for the service will be elected btw. Just thought i'd let you all know. In the meantime, I wish everyone the best.