Pakistani Debit Card for International Payment

I need a help, which Pakistani bank debit card work online for making payments such as domain name, hosting, themeforest, fiverr etc. (its better if u can suggest some alternate like SC Visa)

I used SC visa debit card but since last month its completely not working at any International store, meanwhile it work fine at local store.

I am in need to pay my bills urgently, i will really appreciate your help. Jazak Allah khairan :slight_smile:

Important: I need suggestion about debit cards not credit cards, please.

HBL debit card is working fine and also ubl debit card.

All the cards work however I found VISA credit cards working seamlessly as compared to Master cards. Alfalah credit card is one which I have seen works perfectly with every site.

Jazak Allah khairan, can u please take some time to look at HBL and UBL website and refer me exact card so i can choose that account instead of picking wrong account?
As these days bank got so many account plans :frowning:

Jazak Allah khairan Waqas, so u mean visa credit cards are better than master cards?
What made u think this?

Dear, if you use HBL Visa Debit card, HBL gives the permission you can directly purchase anything on internet.

If you use UBL Master Debit Card, When you purchase anything from internet then you first call on helpline and activate your internet session. Then you will able to purchased on internet.

So its means HBL give you authority you can purchase directly anything without call anywhere.

Other than Bank Alfalah, so bank alfalah does not give you permission to buy anything from Internet from its Visa Debit Card.
You must need Credit Card to purchase anything if you go with bank alfalah.

That is just individual bank policy, not related to working of Visa or Mastercard charge cards.

Master cards seems to be more secured than VISA ones…It took me a lot of time to configure Faysal Master card whereas the VISA cards of ABL and Alfalah worked swiftly after obtaining the permission for online transactions. Same problem I am having with UBL master card.

Look at MCB Lite debit card. You do not need MCB bank account to get it, it works on internet internationally, etc.

Standard Charters

SC card decline/reject so no longer work on websites like domain registrar or hosting providers which save your card for next use.

Jazak Allah khairan everyone :slight_smile: got enough options.

One more favor will be great if anyone have recent and personal experience with making payment at HostGator, which of these card worked smoothly with them?

ABL card worked fine on it as far as I remember.

i think Standard Charter Back is best for International payment and every things.

All Pakistani Visa and Master debit cards (those which are open for internet) will work on all sites except where they save your card information. In that case you will get transaction declined or other related error message.

Now almost all banks debit cards are working for online payment. Like UBL, HBL, Soneri Bank, etc

Ubl virtual credit card is best