Pakistani Credit Cards & Amazon

Can someone tell their experience if they have shopped from Amazon? UBL Wallet works or not? What about Bank Alfalah's Credit Card? I ask because Amazon does not ask for CVV2 code, this would mean if the card provider has made CVV2 code compulsory for verification the card will be declined.

tried my UBL wallet, doesn't work. I called UBL Helpline, they are saying that I am not entering CVV2 number thus its being declined which is something from Amazon end, they don't give you the option of entering CVV2, don't support it. Anyone tried it with Bank Alfalah's CC?

i can get you a virtual visa card which you can use anywhere with or without VCC...

@Shoukat plz tell what is a virtual visa card. What about its requirements and other criteria?? And also from which bank

Visit this link it will give you an understanding of how a virtual visa card works

I have found a very reliable VCC issuer with direct link to VISA - that issues within minutes as per their site info. and the card can be managed online/history etc. (all directly, you don't have to pay and wait for getting a statement like other sites), I'll provide the link once I test it.

I have Standarad Charaterd Visa Debit Card and I tries to use it on amazon. But transcation is always declined. I talked to SC and they told that CVV code is neccessary and amazon donot require CVV. so transcation cannot be completed.

Can onyone help me get a virtual visa card in Pakistan?

ahmad: Try your luck here

UBL's debit card didn't work with this, see if your SCB card works. They will first put a charge on it, once it shows up and you verify it then you can get a virtual card from them.

Drat! I should have checked this thread before placing an order on amazon. Can anybody please tell me which banks do not require CVV code to be entered in amazon?

^ I have used Alfalah's CC with Amazon, it works.