Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited being receptive on social media channels

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited being receptive on social media channels
It is though obvious with all of us that this is the time where social media stands where it can take business to new heights ultimately. Regardless of countries and their boundaries, it has been exploring wholly to reach wider audience.
As well, this is where the significance of brand identity comes in. Product and effective service price alone won’t be enough to penetrate in market. So, brand needs to be acknowledged, sought after where your audience needs to know who you are and what you stand for. Thus, with more and more people active on social media, getting news, updates, participating in more and more of daily interactions online, this is where an organization needs to connect with. This the whole narrative, Pakistan Telecommunication Limited is applying to preserve brand recognition at all social media channels.
Going through different companies operating in Pakistan, we came across PTCL that is truly applying essence of social media to their services. Either it is a major platform of Facebook(, social networking site of Twitter(@PTCLofficial) or professional platform of Linkedin(, respective company can be observed as utterly active with their news feeds, updates and rapid responses with facilitation across 24/7 time stamp.
However, either with an aspect of product line, promoting of services or celebrations of any public day, PTCL remain updated with its lively fans that is as well seeing an immense growth swiftly. This increase in fans’ participation could be said a result of appealing activities including quizzes, trivia and contests that has been tremendously carried out by organization consistently at social media platforms. From such activities, recently held picture competition is one of them that successfully managed to gain an overwhelming response. Interesting part of this contest was all fans were set to be participant and judge themselves to vote the entries by giving “Likes”.
Here is a glimpse of this competition:
image upload
Apart from these competitions and quiz contest, organization is also ahead in responding just in a time as opposed to other organization that take at least a day to counter customers’ query. While for resolving complaints in time, Customer Support Box is an incredible initiative launched by organization. Overall, it’s an innovative approach to tackle complaints and proceeding towards orders as earlier as possible.
However, either its Facebook or Twitter pace, fans could get their answer to query in timely manner that could be seen here:
Active response at Facebook:
taking a screen shot
Responsive account of Twitter:
It is reassured to see that even through midnight, PTCL’s accounts remains active to support and respond to their customers, ensuring that they won’t face any hassles in services.
screenshot utility windows
However, there are cluster of organization exploring on social media sites to create the most out of marketing aspect leading to more benefits but unfortunately, with less interactions, they resulted in failure at social media channels with just fewer fan base. Though, Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited is an organization that ponders on consistent interaction with fans escorting it to longevity trust.