Pakistan ready to welcome 3G

I'm dying to see H 3G sign on my status bar

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Will they launch both 3G and 4G in one go ?


Probably not. First they'll likely focus on launching 3G as soon as possible, once it has been launched and gets stabilized, only then they'll focus on 4G.

It isn't a joke to set up/upgrade such large network infrastructures nation-wide...

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A considerable percentage of Pakistani people do not have any kind of internet connectivity on the phones so they will still be able to use broadband packages on their PCs and laptops. Internet usage on a PC/Laptop is still considered to be the ideal way to use internet in Pakistan. Because using internet on PCs is more secure then using internet on cell phones. There must be solutions required in figuring out exactly how much more at risk a person is for using a 4G mobile phone of receiving viruses and tracking cookies through IP-address system. People who play videogames online require a low ping and a fix IP which 3G/4G does not provide.

Well all network companies launch there 3G,4G....

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