Pakistan Post / USPS


I ordered a package from the US (express insured priority delivery) and it left on the 17th. Status showed it arrived in Islamabad on the 26th of Nov and left for lahore within the hour. Went to Lahore GPO and queried about the package on the 28th. They said it arrived on the 27th but they won't give it to us. The guy was also very reluctant to the tell us about the status of the package as well and only did so when we pressurized him. He said the package will be delivered to us by Saturday but obviously that didn't happen. The next two days are holidays so I'll have to wait until Wednesday, but dreading the fact that someone might have nicked it as I've been hearing loads of horror stories about people stealing stuff. It's ridiculous that the item took 5 days end to end to get delivered to pakistan and now it's been 8 days since it's gathering dust (or on someone tw@ts wrist - the guy asked what's in the package and my father mistakenly told him it's a watch ).

Should I be worried ?


There is no system here in pakistan . may ALLAH bless this country (aameen)

you should keep the receipts with you and approach them as soon as possible after holidays.

the watch will now be sold to the highest bidder, adios amigo :D