Pakistan package deactivated?

I heard PTCL has finished off this package. Anyone confirm this? It was a very useful package for me

I read here in forum som days ago that ptcl wil discontinue it from 1st august but was mentioned2 that ptcl wil inform public via print media til 10july but no news.Let's c wat other guys tell.

Still active on my number.

i have heard that they have reduced number of free minutes available

PTA had asked them to discontinue Pakistan Package by August 31st, however, it seems that this is not going to happen...

Its very useful package and PTCL should continue it. Don't know why the PTA wants PTCL to stop this.

2500 minutes/month on pakistan package so 80min/day,it z gud but how2 know about validity of offer,no news in newspapers,nothng on ptcl website so should we keep colling til 31august acordng2 pakistan package?

Why are they forced to stop it? To remain competitive. This was an anti-competitive move, if you remember during the early days.