Pakistan Now Has More Wireless Broadband Users than DSL Users

Pakistan now has following statistics for internet users:

Wireless: 495,285 (WiMAX) + 459,790 (EVDO) = 955,075 users

DSL: 792,397 users

Wireless is now new trend and more and more people are moving towards it. However, DSL is still cheaper (thanks to competition) than wireless broadband internet. However, there are advantages of wireless broadband that you can carry it with you, whereas, DSL is fixed to a position. Let's see what will happen after a year when we'll have 3G too.

What do you guys think? Is it worth to have wireless broadband even when it is little expensive than DSL?

Hmm.....this is interesting. I think in normal circumstances when you are not a hardcore internet user wireless will be sufficient for you. Or if you are not online gamer otherwise you have no choice but to get wired connection as online gaming sucks big time in wireless.

And speed on wireless fluctuates a lot too depending on signals.

I think in future there will be not more wired connections and technology will improve so you get excellent latency even on wireless to play games online.


With wireless Wateen I was paying Rs.1600 monthly.

With LDN DSL I am paying Rs.735 monthly.


With Wateen the streaming was slow.

On LDN streaming is quite good compared to Wateen.


On Wateen wireless in peak times (4pm to 11pm) connection was shared and speed was only 30KB/s.

On LDN its 24hrs 100KB/s+.


Wateens signals were there either it was raining or whatever weather is.

And on DSL sometimes the modem doesn't sync because of the medium


Wateen used to say that they provide mobility but not always because most of their devices other then USB type devices need power and their size is also not that small to carry everywhere. Moreover ON EVO which is also a wireless service I have noticed that majority of the times it works only for chatting and intensive downloading depends on your location and people connected to your AP.

And one thing I hate about LDN is that their customer support helpline is not a free number.

I would recommend wireless saervice provider 3 things:

1. Get devices which don't need adapters and power as it will provide some mobility. Try to introduce some antenna type devices.

2 . Start student pakages and provide 1MB pakage to students at Rs.1000

3. Get life and don't try to thottle bandwidth. Don't increase sharing ratio in peak times and give speed closer to DSL atleast on 1 and 2 MB pakages.

4. Also start postpaid pakages. (Especially Wateen)

5. Don't bound the customer to use your telephone services and pay for it. (Especially Wateen).

Wireless connection lags like hell Yes the wireless connection starts to get slow and spikes every so often rising to 500-800 ms then going to 70-80 ms when a lot of people start to get on...and these chor companies aware to these issues but they never extend their infrastructure & towers to beat user volume

Even if the whole freakin' pakistan swtiched to wireless boredband, I will never use it. I get under 10 ms ping on the new TF2 GG server, whereas on wateen you're forced to play at 200+. I've tried every single one of these "Wimax Thieves" and they're not even worth bothering with.

Wireless for sissies anyway... :D

Wireless is good.

Indeed, wireless broadband has a long way to go. I am waiting for 3G competition. Probably, some good service provider might emerge with better 3G service. Wireless has mobility advantages but as of now the infrastructure of wireless broadband ISPs is slow and cumbersome. And not to mention that wireless is still expensive compared to DSL. DSL or wired internet had a head start and it's a matured technology. However, the biggest disadvantage is that it is fixed to a location.

It is not possible to reject any of both technologies. In fact, many business (even small ones) who rely on internet have both connections so that if one stops then other can provide access.

However, as I am optimistic about 3G, I am hoping that it might give us better service at cheaper rates. We are already pretty late because world is moving towards to 4G (new iPad has 4G, while iPad 2 had 3G). I guess this is now time that we have 3G. And by 2013 we should have 4G LTE. Otherwise we might be left too far behind in technology.

Loadshedding is a main reason for this i guess.

Wireless only issues is that it varies place to place even in same city, but still the mobility is a great facility, but if I'm not getting good signal at home or office, I'll never prefer Wireless, no matter how good is mobility. But if signals are good in home or office then I will definitely go for wireless....

There was (and probably still there is) a time when DSL was not available in all telephone exchanges even in large urban cities. It happened to me that PTCL's Adiala Road Telephone Exchange didn't had DSL. First they didn't had the equipment. Then they got equipment but no-one knows how to install it. By the time they had DSL up and running, I was already using WiMAX and I never looked back. It took time (about a decade) for DSL's technology to get spread and get matured in Pakistan. Similarly, in mid 1990s, it was a problem to get decent signals for cellphone everywhere. But now you can get good signals at least in urban area. Probably, after a decade, wireless broadband (WiMAX, EVDO, 3G, 4G LTE and future technologies) will also have better signals over broader area.

@wampy, On Link Road (model town to town ship) there are no eVo signal (near Makro) :) So you can imagine cities other than Lahore