Pakistan Mortal Kombat Fan site

Here i made Pakistan 1st Mortal Kombat Gaming website there you can find your all mortal kombat favorite character render,animationcombos,bugs movie and you can download mk vs dcuniver movies and renders.

you can contact me

I love KUNG LAO :D

haha man what a game it was I used to play. I remember when MK3 came out I went to electronics market saddar and gave one or two games (worth Rs.500) + 500 more so it cost me Rs.1000.

I had Sega MegaDrive and this is how it was in those days that is you can swap cartridges and pay the balance. I wonder if you can do the same with PS2/3 and XBox/360 these days!?

Actully i am recording Mk Games Matches,100 combos,glitch others movies if you want tell me i will provide you in USB i have others mk videos 100 combos in umk3 i will also start mk tournament if anybody interesting me with post here your details here