Pakistan flood Updates / News

Just now I was notified via my twitter that Google has announced a disaster page for Pakistan where users can get latest updates on flood relief and news about floods.

There is also a tool called Resource Finder.


I found the tool very helpful, A user can use it to find the nearest hospitals, bloodbank, xray houses etc.

Do check out the official blog entry and a link to Crisis page.

May Allah bless Pakistan in this crisis.

Ameen and I wonder if they have updated Google Earth/Satellite Images for Pakistan? showing the flood damage

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Under the banner of ‘Aman Kay Barhtay Qadam’, 400 Indian doctors have vowed to come to Pakistan to assist people suffering from diseases at relief camps. The move was proposed at a joint meeting of peace activists from both sides on August 15 in Lahore.

However, they will have to overcome a major hurdle to make goodwill initiative possible – acquire visas. “There couldn’t be a better time for this to happen, but there are certain sections that do not want peace and I feel that they (Indian doctors) might not get the permission,” said AH Nayyar, president of the Pakistan Peace Coalition (PPC).

“While the Indians are trying to get visas, the attitude of our government suggests that their efforts won’t be encouraged. The Interior and Foreign ministries will both come up with several security related reasons and eventually, the visas will be refused,” he said, adding that unlike the governments, the people of both countries look forward to this cooperation.

Pakistan Medical Association’s Dr Tipu Sultan, who is also the president of the PPC Sindh Chapter, believes the post-flood problems will be of a greater magnitude than the catastrophe itself.

"There will be numerous problems and issues in the aftermath of the floods. Thousands might die of diseases such as gastroenteritis and malaria. These times call for decisions to be made in the interest of the public, he said.

“When we can take aid from the US, China and Brazil, what’s the problem in taking help from India. The Indian doctors coming here to help is a good step towards peace,” Sultan remarked.

Classical dancer Sheema Kirmani, who is part of the Aman Kay Barhtay Qadam initiative and has been campaigning for peace between the two countries for a long time, says it’s a wonderful proposal. "The media reported that we need more doctors to look after the victims so it’s a wonderful opportunity."

Sharafat Ali, an associate member of PILER – an NGO involved in the peace process, told The Express Tribune that the Indians have proposed to stay in Pakistan from four weeks to four months, depending on how long their help would be required.

“Though Pakistan’s Foreign Office officials have indicated that the country is not inclined toward accepting India’s monetary assistance of $5 million for flood survivors, there is still hope that the doctors from across the border might be allowed to come here for the sake of the survivors,” he said.



More rain expected :(

Plz pray for them, and pray for those too who are trying to help out.

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my friends went some area .... n they notice that they all have stock of all the thing but they are not giving to them because they are waiting for some PML MLA .... and want some snaps with them .....

sham on them :@

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Engel from where u get this status?

^ courtesy is provided in image link location.


Those are only funds given under the umbrella of the UN. Saudi Arabia has given far more than that already.


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Those are only funds given under the umbrella of the UN. Saudi Arabia has given far more than that already.

i don’t care much for politics and stuff but did you see the kerry/zardari press conference yesterday. when the american lady asked the straight to the point question to zardari about lack of aid that “is he the problem”, wow zardari i gotta tell ya it was rehearsed answer from zardari where he equated himself to Jesus (PBUH)

After watching the brutal video of two brothers being tortured to death now I realize why Pakistan deserves such natural calamities with different names. e.g, floods and earthquakes.

Today I am feeling very very ashamed of being a Pakistani citizen where such acts of brutality are taking place infront of law enforcers.

Yeh we deserve such azab from Allah.

Although I don't have any political agenda or biasdness to any party but the way in which such frequent brutalities are taking place in our country than in my opinion this country is not the one which we wished for.



May Allah shows us the right path and give us strength to follow it...

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May Allah shows us the right path and give us strength to follow it…


Ameeen :)

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Pakistan’s Interior Minister Rehman Malik vowed today to crack down on charities with links to banned Islamist groups, insisting that they must not be allowed to distribute aid to flood victims and that anyone caught doing so would be charged as a terrorist.


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Japan's Self Defense Force is sending helicopters & 200 support staff to Pakistan to assist victims!

But they didn't refuse India's help....?

Tadpoles have been found in the water supply that are being given to the flood victims...

If you are part of a relief then make sure that the water is from a good source and the people MUST be reliable

PIA announced free deliveries of goods to flood effected areas

and here is how's and do's to help the victims.