A bit confused. Are they the same? If not (which probably is the case judging by their looks) then which one is reliable.

I have never heard of either. What are you looking to host and what is your budget?

If you know how to manage a VPS then get one from OVH for $2.99 per month and manage it using ssh. If you arent very good at firewalls and hardening then get serverpiolt free plan and manage your VPS with that. Total expenses will $2.99 per month.

If you dont want to go through the hassle of managing a VPS then try Host1plus who has very cheap plans with Singapore as an option whcih gives decent latency for Pakistan.

I hope this helps.

Nah, not VPS or anything. Just domain registration. I am considering them due to their wide range of payment options, especially bank-transfer or ATM payment.


I wouldn't go for, no landline / tollfree number or physical address in the contact us page.

If you want variety of payment options go with hosterpk, nexus or creativeon etc.

Hope this helps.



If you want to register .pk domain. Register that your self from pknic.

No it is another TLD that is seemingly only available for purchase from, in Pakistan that is. So anyone purchased domain from them?

Will you share on what tld you are eying for? I think all international tld's are available on godaddy.

Yes indeed, but as I mentioned, I need bank-transfer / ATM or similar local payment options.

Domain registration is one thing that you shouldnt do with a company that you dont know of enough.

I would recomend these :

Registering a domain with a fly by night operator could cost you years of hard work. You many not understand what I am saying and I cant sit here type my night away. Just take advise from an old timer : "Go with one of the names I have listed above and you will thank me later"

Hosting is something you can do hit and trial with and keep changing hosts to see what suits you best but domain registration is not something you play around with. I know for a fact that some companies would register domains in their name instead of customer name and in that case you dont really own the domain and just use it. If it becomes a success you stand a chance of loosing it or simply be a victim of blackmailing. Check Google for stories.

If you do not have a credit or debit card then find some one who does to help you out. Namecheap has an option to make a payment into the account and then use it at a later date. Make a 3-4 years registrations worth of payment and then keep using it. In the mean time open a bank account and get a decent debit card.

Can you go for, Top web hosting provider in Pakistan, Can also provide you trial for your evaluation.

best of Luck