Page not opening

Whenever I open this page:

It will go to:

The problem is specific to internet explorer 9. I have to frequently visit this page( and moreover it supports internet explorer to perform all tasks. I am using internet explorer 9. I used my PC with another ISP and there it worked very well.

Chrome is opening my desired page ( but I want to open it in internet explorer.

The problem started after the recharge. Moreover I have done all sort of things like deleting cookies etc. and removing/adding internet explorer 9.

Please solve my problem.

Yaar thy did the same with cricinfo, a couple of hours later it startd working

The CSR told me to completely uninstall and delete internet explorer files.

But the problem is that the internet explorer 9 can not uninstall itself completely. It would rather disable it when we uncheck it from windows components add/remove option.

According to them of chrome is opening your desire page then its not fault of ISP that internet excplorer is not opening page.

I think internet explorer uses some other port unlike chrome and when it goes for my desire page it goes back to wateens sellfcare.

DSL has no such pathetic problems.

I think changing the User-Agent of IE 9 will solve the problem.


well if your .net there is a WebClient Control that can do that that for you

It was so me problem on wateens end. Now problem resolved.

Check your internet connection might have expired, or requires a renewal....