PA System for home

Greetings. I'm looking for a PA system for occasional lectures at home. Requirement is amp and 4-6 speakers with ability to control which speaker group is to be used (e.g. upstairs/downstairs or both). Sound quality should be good to enable reasonable quality recording. Budget is around Rs.50,000 somewhat flexible.

So far I've seen Toa, Peavey, Inter-M and Bose. Bose is decidedly too expensive (250K!). Peavey speakers are too big.

Toa ( The speakers are ok, but not sure if which is original. there seem to be Chinese, Indonesian and Taiwanese ones. The amp isn't too great and the sound quality is so so from what I've heard in other places. Total about 15K with 6 speakers and some amp (not sure if original Toa or not).

I liked Inter-M ( which is branded Korean. Regal prices: speakers 6K each. Amp 19.5K. So total about 60K with wiring etc.

Please advise your reviews / comments and any tips on what to buy and from where. Thank you.