Overload problem on Homage 3kva ups

I am using homage UPS 3kva 12x2V connected with EP solar charge controller 40amp and 250wx2 + 200w x2 solar panels. When charge controller shows the full battery, UPS got turned off and shows the error of overvoltage 'F3' error. My ups has already been replaced one time under warrenty but problem is still there. . Charge controller shows the voltage full when it is about 29volts. What can can b the reason?

How much UPS display voltage that is important.

change the UPS n buy APC UPS ;)

Homage is not designed neither capable of the high voltages that Solar CC provide. it would detect anything about 26-27V and enter overload mode as its own charging mechanism is designed to be undervolt charge with slow flow of amps continuosly instead of bulking and then reaching float. that is why most batteries donot last more than 1-1.5 years with Homage.

just check that if this happens while ups is running on wapda or even when in loadhsedding it overloads.