Overclocking Step by Step

ive purchased a new system n was curious to overclock it to some extent just to see what it gives best out of it ...

my specs are:

Intel core 2 duo cpu E4500 @2.2

XFX nforce 630i momtherboard

onboard nvidia 7100 with 256mb ddr memory

2gb ddr2 ram

320gb sata2

what else .. rest things r less important .. so plz some one who was some experience or knows some site ..

plz post ur experience ....


Do u bought a new PC.?

WTF very low GPU 7100?

Please note that overclocking without suitable power and temperature can result in severe consequences for your RIG.

well i had only tat much money . well ive successfully overclocked it to 2.37 just wanted to be sure how its done :) well thankx for the link .. one more thing i ve ddr pc2-5300 the shop keeper told me tat its 667mhz but when i ran cpuz 1.44 it showed me 333 ... wht can be the issue .. is it some kinda problem with my system or the pc2 5300 is a 333mhz ram ... how to fix it ...

well from where u have got this cpu n for how much ...

it is ddr2 which stands for double data rate x2.

thus ur ram is working at 333.3x2 = 667

You can also overclock your 3D Card. =)

how can i over clock my gpu its on board not a pci-e slot ... n i couldnt find any setting for it in bios n there was no software with the board for such a thingh :( hey ali from islambad excellent gig .. must have spent 1100k or more :)

when u want to dispose it off plz do leme know :P

i also wana know this LIQUID COOLING KIT AQUAGATE FOR CPU/GPU SUPP 8800 (G92) SERIES from cooling master given on galaxy website can it be used with a cpu ... and also if i use it wat power supply unit i wud be requiring .. how many watts ...

@babarasghar, i wouldn't suggest you overclock ur CPU/ram w/o proper cooling (by that i mean a dedicated cooling system) also, dont even think about overClocking the regular Value-RAM, you'll need some good (and expensive) ram for overclocking.

normally the e21** series can be overcloed to alsmost 30-40% on stock cooling, but not every CPU has that much stability on stock cooling when you increase the voltage.

Plus, your intel warranty is voided when you overClock ur CPU (i am not sure that our local computer-wala will be able to tell the difference b/w an overClocked and a regular one though)