OSRC Pakistan seminar

OSRC = Open Source Resource Center


I never knew there was an Open Source movement in pakistan.

They conducted a 3 day seminar here which started on friday. Not much happened as they had some technical difficulties (they wanted to show us how to install fedora to suit your needs, but the laptop was taking forever to install it) so they had to cut it short but they promised the next 2 days were going to be great. I was really looking forward but then they (dont know whom) killed 6 teenagers playing cricket so the city has been on a standstill. :( The sad part is that i knew some of those kids.

Leaving that aside i think its a great project, they gave everyone open source toolkits which includes many linux distros, plus alot of free open source software for windows. It also has all these manuals and books which i have not touched yet. I guess you should check their site and see when there are coming to your city, you wouldn't want to miss it.

man they arent coming to islamabad i really wanted to go

coz i m a big supporter/user of open source software

i attended a seminar like that on linux where they came and were promoting the op, system,,they still hold it in karachi and tere is also a linux support website online where somebody is always sitting to help ppl out with linux problems...

i was sad to hear about the kids also :(..