OSN Blocked on WorldCall? Is the party over?

For the last 3-4 days, all OSN channels including variety, series, comedy and movie channels have completely disappeared from WorldCall's digital channel lineup. A few weeks ago, WC replaced several OSN channels such as Cinema City and a couple of other OSN movie channels with other, non-OSN channels and now I see that OSN series has been replaced by some other channel, although the new channel is also currently showing a blank screen.

Does anyone have any info on this? Have all OSN channels been removed for good? :(

Yup my friend party is over and it has gone far far away. Bro like i said in one of the other forums that osn has terminated its broadcast from eurobird 2 which is receivable in upper parts here and they have permanently moved to Nilesat which is receivable only in Karachi and its adjacent area i am not wrong. There are few channels still coming on eurobird 2 but they have blocked all subscriptions on that satellite to move their subscribers on nilesat and to make it a successful move they provided excellent option to their subscribers to get free osn HD decoder in exchange of their old one. So everybody will definitely go for it cauz its absolutely free man. Summary of above theory is that osn has gone HD and HD only and nobody will be able to access their previous decoders neither on eurobird 2 nor on nilesat. So its gone now unless and untill worldcall purchase their HD decoder for each and every channel seperately which is I think is not pretty possible in the near future. Here in Islamabad we won't be able to see osn again but we can if worldcall in khi manages to get osn then it can be streamed in lhr and isb respectively.

All of these things happening are because of piracy in our regions that these companies are facing huge losses. We experienced this year first multichoice terminated from intelsat10 and now osn. I was going through wikipedia the other day and read about nova greek package, they have also started providing receivers made exclusively by them in order to control piracy issues. So its no coincidence that most of the satellite packages are trying to get away from our region one or the other way in order to provide content to those who actually are paying customers and not for people who are making business out of their business without paying a single penny.

Ah... Quite unfortunate indeed. :(


Sounds like they're more concerned about piracy in their own region (the middle east). Of course, that affects us as well...

Dreambox has affected almost every satellite package in terms of revenues. You can imagine if everybody in the world is subscribed through paid card. Anyways one of the posts in above column (link) has a valid point that spending thousands of dollars on HD decoders and then distibuting it for free won't help their cause. Pirates will definitely find a way to unblock their new encryption and the pattern will follow. So by lowering their subscriptions is a gud idea. Let's see how this plan goes.

Dreambox isn't effecting it alone :P there are many other receivers for this work.

I was watching osn comedy which is the only channel worldcall is giving these days from osn bouquet and i saw a public notice from osn that people who are using dreambox and watching osn channels are to be informed that from 16th december dreambox will stop giving osn channels and people who are using it must purchase osn hd showbox in order to continue viewing. I have no idea what osn is going to do with dreambox thing, let's see. Anyways guys who are using dreambox and watching osn channels kindly share your views and do inform after 16th december that whether it has really worked for osn.

in short

the osn people are really annoyed with the piracy so 16 dec they will shut off all the irdeto based smart cards which are working with mainly dream-box they have used the new CAS name comvineint from germany its a new encryption not yet hacked and would never be thats what the company says time will tell that.

dont ever think that we pakistan are been counted for anything we Pakistani have no value thats why you dont see any company interested in investing in dth business thanxs to Musharraf and his era in which he launched pemra to control and have his grip on Pakistani viewers but never worked for channels copyright.

^right there bro. Agreee!

That's what BskyB of uk claimed whenever they changed their encryption but alas they have always failed against dreambox legacy. For the time being definitely osn will be able to bring new customers but sooner or later they gonna fall down.lets see!

I really miss watching The Daily Show w/ Jon Stewart and other fun shows on OSN comedy, series, etc. It's a pity WorldCall can't purchase a Dreambox subscription and broadcast OSN channels, even if for an additional fee. I'm sure most people would be more than happy to pay a little more for OSN channels. I would.

MBC has also disappeared from the lineup. :(


Can u provide worldcall digital channels list in Karachi currently. It will give me a better idea to compare same network working in different cities. Thanx!

OSN is back in karachi....

Santa....will provide list when i get home and get some free time :D

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OSN is back in karachi…

Santa…will provide list when i get home and get some free time :D


did i say anything wrong in my other post ??? http://wiredpakistan.com/forums/viewtopic.php?id=12043&p=4

worldcall have put the osn channels in there channel lineup as they have got orginal osn hd boxes recently also they are going 150 digital channels

oh great! thats wonderful news. Now if only my load shedding hours would change to allow me to watch all them channels! :)


Just post names and not full details and kindly post ur list asap cauz I am curious, then it would allow me to ask worldcall here to stream those channels from karachi. Thanx!

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did i say anything wrong in my other post ??? http://wiredpakistan.com/forums/viewtopic.php?id=12043&p=4

worldcall have put the osn channels in there channel lineup as they have got orginal osn hd boxes recently also they are going 150 digital channels


any idea when, and what cost?

Here is the list from Karachi Digital Receiver

Saudi TV

Channel V International

Melody Hits (Arabic)

Sama Dubai

Dubai TV

FTV International

Zaiqqa (food channel)

Business Plus



Star One

Color TV


B4U Music

Channel V India


M Plus (WC In-house channel)

M Lite (WC In-house channel)

WE (WC In-house channel)



Fox Movies

Dubai One

Top Movies


MBC Action

Show movies


Fox Series

OSN Comedy


BBC Entertainment

LBC (Arabic)

Music Plus (Arabic)

Dream (Arabic)

Orient (Arabic)



Press TV

Sky News

Fox News

Euro News

Animal Planet

Nat Geo Wild

BBC Lifestyle

Nat Geo


Zone TV Reality

Discovery Channel

Baby TV


SpaceToon Arabic


Ten Cricket

Star Cricket

Neo Cricket


Geo Super

Ten Action

ESPN India

:) Pretty Good line up if I say so....missing a few but still pretty good :)

^Thanx alot for posting. wow! nice lineup yaar. Undoubtedly its a better list than mine here, mainly cauz of nilesat which has excellent channels and osn package. I used to get melody hits, mbc action and mbc 2 in Islamabad which worldcall streamed from karachi but since last september these channels are also gone now. I asked worldcall to stream osn channels from karachi which they used to do when showtime channels were not available on orbit package here. Lets see what they gonna do about it.