Osaka Rechargeable Fan circuit repair and battery cost

Hi guys,

I have a rechargeable fan lying in my store which has some problem in circuit. It sometimes starts and sometimes doesn’t run at all. I tried to replace some components like faulty switch etc but after some time its back to sam estate… Now I want to revive it again as in summer holidays I have to visit my city for almost a month and there is no ups there so I plan to use it.
Can someone please let me know that should I repair the circuit or replace it with new Sogo circuit because fan speed is slow on this circuit…
Also please mention the price of battery and any shops in Lahore from where I can get a genuine battery.

Thanks in advance.

Open up fan. Put 1-2 drops of sewing machine oil on fan shaft at fan bearings (bronze bushes) and try running fan. If fan runs fine, problem solved. If problem still exists, see type/rating (volts and amp hour) of battery. Probably is 6v or 12 volt, 2 - 4 Ah lead acid battery. Search on web for its price and dealers in Lahore. To test whether battery is dead or circuit has fault, disconnect old battery wires from battery and connect with known good same voltage charged battery keeping note of + and - wires going to right terminals on new battery. If fan runs OK, then problem is either old battery or battery charging circuit (usually a trickle charger). If fan still doesn’t run with known good battery, then problem is with fan motor or circuit.

Thanks, Battery is already tested and is exhausted. Its 6v circuit and switches were burned and I have replace them with new one… I tested running directly on AC and speed is slow. Even when fan was bought new I noticed its speed was slow compared to Sogo fans with same specs. That is why I asked if I can get a sogo circuit and use that.

I have the same problem, I just bought the SOGO JPN-682 from and it don’t work at all just spins for two seconds on battery so I’m guessing battery charge is finished, and nothing not even the lights turn on when it’s on AC. So I’m pretty sure it’s the Circuit board. How do I go about getting a replacement?