Original Rubik's Cube in Lahore

Does anyone know of a shop that has original Rubik's Cube? I bought a 3rd-rated one from a local toy shop which gets stuck every now and then and doesn't fit properly after turns (And also had its colour placement wrong).

Any toy shop that usually has original imported toys/games should have it.

Personally i've also searched for good quality cube but i haven't found any in lahore or my city. So i finally requested my cousin who brought it for me from abroad.

I am afraid, in Pakistan, it's hard to get quality toys since years. But they might be available where some smuggled or imported items are found, and even expensive than usual.

@Ahmsun; did you try at "Hyper Star". I see a lot of toys in children section which I hardly see on other stores. I however didn't get to buy a single item yet so far so I am not sure about the quality of them but they seem to be finished good. Not even I am sure if the Rubik's Cubes are available there, but may be.....

^Yep i've, and nearly all the shops around fortress. Majority of shopkeepers even don't know whats a rubix cube is.

I gave up and ordered one from puzl.co.uk as its price+shipping+delivery time was the most appropriate for me.

If anyone else wants to get one, you should check out dealextreme (Free International shipping apparently) and cube4you.

But its just sad to know that we can't even get a proper Rubik's Cube locally, considering its the world's most popular toy.

cant tell place but i can confirm that this is available locally, a friend of mine had one, i also had one,but i got from my cousin, who lives in Islamabad, of course it wasnt original one :P it tore away in a short time :D

As I mentioned in the first post, I already bought a crappy one locally, but it gets stuck at almost every move and doesn't snap back after rotations properly. So a 2/3 minute solve becomes a 8 minute one with face turned red :).

^ to solve this, i did this


but i would also like to write a top comment on the video,

vaseline... RIP rubik's cube :|

this is what happened to me ;)

^LOLz I used to use vaseline on the local cube, it started moving so smooth that sometimes it just fell into pieces! :)

They can't be improved by lubrication as the inner sides (of mine at least) are hollow, so the moving side occasionally gets stuck on the empty edge. Moreover they don't use springs in the central assembly. Mine even had two colour placements wrong (Yellow was not opposite White).

I would suggest you to make the inner edges fine by using a file.