Original micro sd cards and batteries

so where can i get them?? reliable places in lahore or online( not asking about amazon etc cuz then i would not need to post here)....i have a sgs2 ....my requirements:-

battery..... as my phone has a 1650mah battery, which is not bad, i would love it that i could buy a more powerful battery than 1650mah without having to spend money on a bigger back panel... i see one available on homeshopping.pk but i would love it if i could find something with a bit more power like a 1800mah or more... is that site reliable and would i find what i am looking for in hafeez center(genuine stuff ofcourse)

microsd card...... okay as we all know that heaviest thing we can do on the phone is decode/encode 1080p videos... normal 1080p playback would be fine even with class 2 cards... what i want is a class 6 card atleast.... is there a microsd card available in pak higher than class 4 and is genuine??

i want these things soon so that is why i want them from pakistan... if i try abroad(where in 50 pounds i can get 2 1900mah batteries and a 32gb class 10 card) then it takes like a bloody month...

i can get you stuff you want from amazon , i have a shipment coming in next 10 days... so if you want to buy stuff from amazon , PM me...

uk or us?

US .. amazon.com .. not amazon.co.uk