Orient LED TV Unsuported video formats


Hope everybody is doing good. Em sorry if my thread isn't in concerning forum. The problem i am facing is my Orient LED tv fails to play some video movies which i downloaded from torrent sites.

In tv manual all common video file formats such as AVI , MP4 , MKV etc are mentioned. Yet it cannt play few AVI , MKV video files while these files run just fine on mobile fone as well as on computer. Tv can play other videos of same format.

1 - Most containers contain many bit rates and compression alogrithms so not every type of file is suported by every hardware.

2 - not every tv software is capable/allowed to play all file types. they are restricted/limited by the codec in it, and capabilities installed by the manufacturer

3 0 try updating your tv software, via internal remote menu.. most of times new software adds new functionality and features.

Farhan_ds he was very specific of what Tv he has, and the question he originally asked is still unfortunately unanswered.

@Leo_hai :I donot have the tv and neither did i do any prior research so what i suggest might be more wrong than it is right, but i would prefer to call the orient tv tech dept. and ask them over the phone.


unfortunately you have also missed entirely what i have said above. he asked for reasons why files dont play.. the reason is in point 1. since i have owned 5-6 modern tvs from 2010 to date, i also have had trouble playing files the same way as OP and i found the problem which is explained above.. please read carefully and try to understand what is written as well.

solution was not asked, but still point 3 mentions an option to update tv software which sometimes solves a lot of issues including hardware and software..again.. please read carefully and try to understand what is written as well.

Bro if you have pc there in home you can download or get any video converter software from net or in cd.install it in your pc..convert video audio files in d3sored formats plus quality...alot of options available in it...this might be some easy solution to your problem...along side software update of ure tv...