Ordering from Alibaba.com

Hello Guys. I need your suggestion regarding ordering from Alibaba.com. I am planning to order USBs from there in order to distribute them to employees as a part of a promotional event regarding an ERP implementation thing. I want custom logo printed on them so was just checking out some suppliers offering the same.

I have talked with a lot of suppliers and there is a huge difference between prices being quoted by different suppliers. Some are saying $5 per USB while some are offering as low as $3. Plus all of them are requiring payment in advance, which is a big risk. What if it is a fraud!. Can anybody please let me know of a trusted supplier on Alibaba.com from whom i can order these USBs and agrees to an Escrow system?. Any help and tips would be appreciated. Thanks.

Also it seems like there is no custom duty on USBs in terms of Schedule to Customs Act. Can any body confirm this?

well, check their feedback. I think its ok

dhgate.com is reliable!

I think finding genuine/workable USB sticks on AliBaba/DHGate will not be easy + the other risks involved. Why don't you talk to the Official Distributors of Kingston etc. in Pakistan instead. You will be buying in bulk, right? Do they have buyer protection options like eBay btw.?

Thanks for you feedback guys. Yeah I checked some of the suppliers by searching them on Google and it seems like most of the suppliers are listed being scammers. Especially on Alibaba. DHGate seems better since there is an option of leave feedback (by the customers) on the site itself, just like eBay. So I have managed to find some suppliers with 100% satisfactory rating.

@ Joker

Do Kingston authorised suppliers do custom logo printing as well?

^ Don't think they will. Just take care, lol, I remember father brought a 32GB USB drive branded as of Kingston. I was very happy until I plugged it in, all the data he had copied to it was corrupted. The data would appear fine when you copy but not so when you plugged it out and back in.

in this kind of thing you cannot trust the online resources, need to talk with the official represent of the site and the company would be the best option.