OperaMini 5.0 Can't Download any file

I'm using Opera mini 5.0 browser. When I try to download any image or file it says 'Downloading Failed'

I tried to solve it and found; it says 'No Access' I clicked where OperaMini was saved then>options>Application access>Data Access>Smart card and when clicked on 'Always Allowed' a pop up came with the message 'Not Available for this application'

Please share with me if anyone has the same problem or tell me a solution How can I be able to download any file?

-Thanks :)

no idea opera mini not working in ibd

^Yea many reported on WP that Opera isn't working fine for them.

where are you using it, Aamish?

Well i've been using OM 5 for quite some time now, and it is working ok for me, it works a bit slower than 4.2 in my phone, but browsing & downloading works pretty good. So i can say that the problem is at your end...

@adnan: In Quetta.

@Ultimate: Which mobile you'r using? Can you give me any tip why I'm getting 'Downloading Failed' pop up anytime when I try to download anything? And yes this version is slower and heavier.

i think OM not working for some networks like zong and ufone... so may be in your area,they are providing browsing but not downloading :)

its working fine in Mirpur for me, I m using it on Zong

@Aamish Sorry for the very late reply, i was very busy that i couldn't reply here.

My phone is Sony Ericsson K810i, And my network is Zong.

Well i dont know why you're getting the errors, perhaps you should consult your network operator? also which phone are you using?

My problem is solved now just wanted to share with all WPs. It was creating that problem for me because I was using the non signed version of Opera mini. It is very important to download signed version of OP if you want its full features.

PS: There are also some mobiles which don't allow downloading. For this you can search about all features of mobile before buying.